When is the closing date for entries?  

Last Saturday in September. 

Will late entries be accepted?  


No entries submitted after the closing date will not be accepted. 

Why is the closing date so early?  

The closing date is set to give enough time for each Section Secretary to timetable the classes and create the programme. The programme is published in early November. 

What do the age limits in the syllabus mean?  

All classes are based on the age of entrants at 31st August immediately prior to the Festival. This is in line with most school year groups. 

Why are there age limits?  

Age limits mean that entrants are competing against other people of a similar age.  

Will I receive feedback?  

Every performance is evaluated by the Adjudicator. Verbal feedback is given in public at the end of the class and written feedback is given privately to each competitor, including the mark achieved. 

Will I get a certificate?  

Every competitor is given a certificate. 

How can I win a Trophy?  

Trophies are awarded in many classes to the winner of that class (providing they receive 85 marks or above). Some trophies are awarded for high levels of performance in several different classes or sections (multi-class trophies). Others are given at the discretion of the adjudicator – for example for musicality or musical promise in a particular discipline. 

How can I win a medal?  

At the end of each class, trophies, prizes and medals will be awarded and Certificates and Criticism Sheets distributed. ** Please note that  

trophies, prizes and medals will only be awarded if the first place winner achieves an honours mark of 85 or above.  

Trophy/ Prize / Gold Medal for 1st place 85+ marks  

Silver Medal for 2nd place (in classes of 5 entries or more) ** see above  

Bronze Medal for 3rd place (in classes of 8 entries or more) ** note  

Honours Certificates 85+ marks  

Merit Certificates 75-84 marks  

Certificates Less than 75 marks  

What is an open class?  

Open classes are open to anyone to enter, whereas most classes are restricted to amateur performers only. 

The Competitions are intended for amateurs except where marked “A or P”. A person is regarded as “Professional” if their main income is derived from performing or teaching within the Section concerned. Conductors and accompanists may, of course, be professional musicians.  

Who is an amateur performer?  

An amateur performer is defined as someone who’s main income is not derived from performing or teaching within the section concerned. Conductors & Accompanists may be professional musicians. 

What happens after I submit my entry online?  

You will receive an email to confirm the receipt of your online entry. Following the closing date (approx 3 weeks), you will receive a further email which will be you attendance slip confirming you time, date and venue.  

When will I find out the time and date of my class?  

This will be issued by the end of the 3rd Week of October.  

I can’t use the online entry system/ it isn’t working, what can I do?  

Please contact Nalan via email gensec@southendmusicfestival.co.uk or 07816 788238  

I need to submit my Music/ Script/ Composition, where do I send this?  

Please email to entries@southendmusicfestival.co.uk or post to Sally Browne - Grosvenor House, 105 Chalkwell Esplanade, Westcliff on Sea, SS0 8JJ.  

Where can I find details of the safeguarding policy?  


How do you protect my personal data?  


Will my photos be used for any display?  

No photos are permitted without your prior consent.  

Why can I not take still photos of my child?  

Please refer to the safeguarding & GDPR policy  

Why am I unable to take videos of my child/children performing?  

Every person recording would have to have an appropriate current licence from the Mechanical  

Copyright Protection Society – this licence would have to be checked by the Festival on the day; every person  

recording must have the permission of the owner of the venue and of ALL performers; adjudicators’ words are  

copyright and written permission must be obtained before they can be reproduced; the Festival is always  

responsible for upholding copyright and would therefore be ultimately liable for any breach.  

In addition to the above, the use of cameras and/or recording equipment can be disruptive and off-putting for the  

competitors, to the detriment of their performance – a significant amount of hard work will have gone into their 

preparation for this performance and it is only fair to them that we do everything to ensure that we provide the best  

possible platform for them on the day.  

How much are the spectator fees? Why is this charged?  

£2.50 per session or £5 per day. This fee contributes to the overall running of the festival and associated overheads.  

I need an accompanist, who do I contact?  

Please refer to the syllabus for a list of suggested accompanists.  

I haven’t received an email to confirm my entry  

Please contact gensec@southendmusicfestival.co.uk  

My child doesn’t have a teacher, can I still enter them into the festival?  


Can I specify days I am available to compete?  

Each section has a set number of dates, within that time we are unable to guarantee when your class will be scheduled until all entries have been received. We are unable to offer refunds if you are unable to attend.  

The Festival makes efforts to schedule classes outside of school hours for those of secondary school age.  

Who do I contact if I am unable to attend?  

This information can be found on your attendance slip for your class.  

Where do I go for my class?  

This information can be found on your attendance slip for your class.